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Yoga After a C-Section

Pregnancy is a beautiful part of life; however, having a c-section may cause some problems in some way or another. To most new moms, post-operation recovery is quite essential for their good health. Even if a c-section doesn’t cause any problems during the surgery, it still puts extra stress on the body. Unlike a healthy pregnancy, more time is required to get back in shape and become healthy like before. 

After pregnancy, every woman wants to go back to her normal shape, and even though you can exercise after your delivery, the time to begin exercising depends on your recovery time and your health. A c-section is a stressful surgery for the body, a lot of blood is lost, and a lot of muscles are cut into and stitched back. Therefore, before going back to any exercise, it is important for stitches to dissolve and for your incision to heal. 

Women can go back to practicing yoga after 6 to 9 weeks subsequent to their surgery. However, it is still vital to consult the doctor before practicing yoga at all costs. The necessity behind consulting your doctor is due to the body being stressed out with a lot of pressure. The first 6 to 9 weeks are used for resting where the body is allowed to heal at its own pace.

The heavy lifting of anything or any strenuous activity is to be avoided during this time. However, it is advised that once you feel you are better, you can carry out pelvic floor exercises. Pregnancy affects your pelvic floor; therefore, it is essential to carry out these exercises after giving birth. Once you begin to feel at ease with these exercises, you can work on your lower abdominal muscles, which will help with your back. These exercises are slightly gentle as compared to other strenuous exercises, and thus it will not affect the stitches or damage the scar in any way.

After the first six weeks, you can begin carrying out daily activities at your own pace. Short walks can be helpful, and you can slowly and gradually increase the duration. However, if you are not sure about it, you can always consult your general physician. Moreover, aerobic exercises that have to do with the lungs and heart can also help flatten the tummy. 

As the recovery period passes by, you can do gentle yoga poses that will help to tone the body. Usually, after a c-section, the lower abdominal muscles are known to cause more of a problem compared to the upper muscles and exercising can help ease that pain. In addition to these, avoid too many sit-ups as they can cause urine leaks since there is more pressure put on the pelvic floors. Limit the sit-ups to only 10 with not more than three sets in a day. It is crucial to know that if there have been any complications during a c-section, consultation is necessary before practicing yoga.

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