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Jump into Summer Prepared

The sun has started to shine, and the temperatures are most certainly rising. When this happens, I feel like all the roads begin to lead to the seaside. But, before you go there, it is wise to be prepared. Searching for your best bikini while you’re already at the seaside is not the smartest idea. Though there might be lots of swimwear shops and stands by the sea, I find that going on vacation prepared is always your best and safest option. Therefore, here are some more seaside essentials you cannot leave your home without.

  • When choosing swimwear, you can always go for the sportier look while picking out your favorite bikini cut. It not only holds everything in place, but it makes you feel comfortable and sexy at the same time, too.
  • Summer Sundays are the best time to move your toosh from the couch to the beach. One of the first things you should ensure is that your skin is properly hydrated, moisturized, and protected. Sunscreen is the essential accessory that you should carry in your beach bag—or even your regular bag for the same benefits. Find one that does the trick for you. That way, you know that your skin is safe while you can even roam into the water worry-free that the sun will get you there. The reflection from the sea is named the sun’s most powerful tool for burning your skin. 
  • Refreshing wipes that you can take on the go. Looking for clean sinks might be a bit of a hassle. So, have your traveling bathroom on the go instead!
  • The facial spray helps you look fresh always. You can easily make it yourself. You’ll need a bottle to pour it in, your favorite essential oil scent, and water. Gently spritz it on, and your face will instantly feel more hydrated and ready to face the heat.
  • During hotter months, your skin gets dry quickly, plus hydration needs to happen both on the inside and out. Dry oil mists are moreover an easy way of looking tanned without laying out on the sun the whole day and exposing yourself to too much radiation.
  • When pampering your face, don’t forget to use masks and scrubs. You can easily make those at home from fresh ingredients like olive oil, fresh lemon juice, and either salt or sugar. Mix them together and rub your skin with it.
  • One must-have item before you head out the door during summer months is your sunglasses—never forget to take them with you. Protecting your sight is very important.
  • Adding to that, what better summer accessory to cover your sight than a big straw hat. Plus, you’ll look and feel like you’re in a movie with it.
  • Summer might be the best time of the year for lounging and vacations with a tropical beach feel to them. Having your skin covered when the sun is the strongest keeps you and your health in tip-top form even through the colder months. Plus, did you know that a certain amount of exposure to summer sun’s rays during times when it does not shine the strongest (before 11 am and after 4 pm) is actually right for you? It keeps your bones healthier, your body warmer, and the immune system less prone to illnesses. On top of it all, it gives your skin a subtle sun-kissed glow. Win-win.

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