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How to Tackle Your Goals

Do you want to feel more productive and accomplished? I have spent years working hard and losing myself in to-do lists before I created a manageable and organized lifestyle that suits me. But it also changes depending on my business as well as personal needs and according to my energy levels that greatly depend on my menstruation. So, if you want to kick your productivity levels to a higher gear, follow these simple tips or at least give them a try and see how they make you feel.

Delve deep into healthy habits

Arrange your sleeping and eating patterns. Have an approximate time when you lay to bed, wake up, and at times when you indulge in food. Your body’s internal clock will be grateful for it.

Develop routines that work for your business and your personal life in a way that you become a glowing and vibrant individual.

Throw both your numbness away and work towards the things that you have set as your goals. Focus on being healthy and happy.

Make clear plans as to who you want to spend your time with and how you’re going to make it valuable.

Track your no-spend days. 

This can prove as a major savings trick. There might be little things that you spend your money on, but at the end of the month, they add up. Rather, treat yourself to a nice dinner or a mani-pedi date with the money you save. Arrange to pay all your bills at once in order to easily keep track of where your money goes.

Stay curious and keep educating yourself. 

It can be something so simple as reading a book, watching a documentary, or taking an online course on something you’ve been interested in for a long time but never set the time aside to do it.

Set your everyday workout routines

For me, the biggest difference in the healthy lifestyle comes from eating healthy and also adding a short, 10- to 20-minute routine. Even on the days when you don’t do a full-on routine, introduce some light yoga or stretching. It makes a big difference on the days when you do go all out.

If you think that you absolutely can’t find the time to work out, at least run your errands the old-fashioned way – by foot – instead of driving everywhere. If you live or work in any of the upper floors, try taking the stairs instead of the lift. These days yoga leggings are made for fashion as well, do not hesitate to hit the road.


It is a way of bettering your expression and learning new things as you go. Books for me are peaceful retreats. When I read, there is no place around and no sound or visual distractions. If I really like what’s written, I immerse myself into it to the point where I become one with the characters or a direct observer of the action.

You don’t have to journal per se. You can take a piece of paper daily to which you jot down ideas, things to do and the feelings that accompany all of those. You can even track your coffee intake if you think it has become an obsession and you want to minimize it to better your health, for example.

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