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Healthy Snacks on the Go

I love spending time outside the house, and that means I can’t spend all the extra time in the kitchen preparing meals. Therefore, knowing and having healthy options ready is the key to a successful healthy lifestyle on the go.

I can go nuts for fruits and vegetables. I actually haven’t met a fruit or a vegetable yet that I haven’t liked. So, anything that is in season and could possibly be found at the curb of the road is game for my snack. Pairing them with some nuts, which bring the sugar levels down, is a great combination that will keep you full for a while.

Protein is the essential food group that needs to be satisfied in order for you to lead a healthy, nutritious life. Yogurt is an awesome protein-powered treat when you can have your cooling bag close. Also, a little jerky, nut butter or a protein bar boasts just the same healthy nutritional properties.

As far as the carbs go, quinoa, for example, is a great option in place of simple carbs like bread or crackers. Wrap it in a vegetable leaf or mix it with avocado or hummus and spread it in between thin slices of whole wheat bread or some whole wheat crackers, and you have a hearty lunch ready.

For when sugar levels drop, have a piece of dark chocolate candy nearby (It also takes longer to melt in the sun. Convenient, right?). Whole-grain cookies or fruit snacks with no added sugars are both smart treats, too. For me, keeping away from processed sugars represented one of the biggest struggles I had with food. It wasn’t until I started to eat only homemade, -prepared, or -baked sweets that I don’t feel the urge to eat processed sweets anymore. It took me a while (good 2 years of gradually nixing foods that don’t serve my fitness goal) to convince my mind that I truly don’t need them.

For the drinks, you want to check that there are no additional sugars added to any of your beverage choices. Water is essential but can taste pretty bland after a while. Opt for coconut water or naturally sweetened sodas to kick you in a real wandering mode. Carbonated water with fresh fruits added will do just the trick, too. I sometimes even like to cook a fruit compote from fruits that are about to go bad and add some cinnamon to them. The downside of it, however, is that the compote only holds for about a day or two before going sour. So, you can’t really make it weeks worth at a time.

What helped me most in my healthy lifestyle quest was creating nutrition plans and grocery shopping lists. Once I made a routine out of it, my life not only became easier but much healthier, too. No matter if I’m in my kitchen the whole day or on the road, living healthy is all about establishing the right balance of hormones with food. At the end of the day, healthy friendship with food is just as important as your fitness practices are, if not more.

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