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Easy Pose

In today’s article, you will read about one of the many poses that yoga has to offer – the easy yoga pose. Hopefully, at the end of the day, you will be able to do the pose on your own. That’s the goal!

First of all, don’t get fooled by the name of the pose. Although it isn’t as complex as some poses can be, the easy yoga pose could be pretty difficult for some people. Let’s see what all the fuss is about.

How to master the Easy Yoga Pose? 

Step 1 

Since this pose will look like you are sitting in a chair, you should do some preparations before you start in order to make the pose more comfortable. What you should do is grab a thick blanket and fold it. You will use the folded blanket as support by sitting on the edge of it and simply stretching your legs forward. 

Step 2

Now that you have made sure that you are comfy, cross your shins. Then, simply widen up your knees and put your feet beneath the opposite ones. 

Step 3

In order to put the outer parts of your feet on the ground, you have to relax them and put your inner arches below your opposite shin. If you are not sure that you have done this correctly, there is a method that allows you to check it. 

Simply look down and see if you can spot a triangle. If you can, you have done this part correctly. If you didn’t spot the triangle, start again and make sure you do every little detail as described. 

Also, this pose is not like other sitting poses in yoga. In the Easy Yoga Pose, you should have a gap between your feet and your pelvis. 

Step 4

Remember that you should be sitting with your pelvis in a neutral position! So, how can you find the neutral position? Well, simply lift your sitting bones from the folded towel by pushing the floor with your hands. Now, hang in the air for a few moments and take a few breaths. After that, lower your sitting bones back to the support as slowly as you can. Try to make your pubic and tail bone equidistant as you are doing this.

Step 5

The position of your hands can vary. You can either put your hands on your knees, in your lap, palms up or palms down.
After you have found a place of your choice for your hands, the next thing you should do is lengthen your tail bone toward the floor. Your shoulder blades should be firm while you are doing this pose. 

Remember not to poke your chest forward as much!

Final Step

The duration of this pose solely depends on you. You can even do this pose whenever you find it fitting. There is only one more thing you need to take into consideration and that would be that you remember to switch your knees! 

You can switch them by days or you can figure something else out.

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