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8 Best Podcasts To Improve Your Meditation Practice

With the rising popularity of podcasts, the hunt is always on to find one that’s new and interesting to add to your audio library. Even better, if you can find a podcast that’s both interesting and helps improve your life. There are a lot of available podcasts about meditation. Some of them are good and some not so good, and this article will help you find the ones that fit with your practice and your personality. 

1. Meditation Station

If you’re looking for soothing music and a relaxing voice, the Meditation Station might be for you. With lots of short meditations on mindfulness, relaxation, and a host of other concerns and issues, this may well be the one-stop-shop for all your general meditation needs. 

2. The Meditation Podcast

There is nothing fancy about this podcast. It has a plain cover and fairly good production values. It covers a variety of topics that would be useful to people who just like to dip in and out and take what they like. 

3. The Daily Meditation Podcast

If you like your meditation with a side of esoteric topics, then this might be the one for you. Not only does it have a range of different meditation guides, but it also addresses countless topics relating to mindfulness and spirituality. A podcast suited for people who are really into the lifestyle and not just the dabblers. 

4. Tara Brach

For meditation with a side of Buddhism, Tara Brach’s podcast offers a deeper insight into meditational and spiritual practices. There are a number of meditations on offer here, as well as podcasts with a lecture format that is even more interesting. It is, no doubt, a smart listen for anyone who wants to go deeper. 

5. Live And Dare Podcast

This podcast reaches a little deeper, looking at the integration of old meditation practices with the modern world. If you’re having trouble reconciling your busy life with the ideas of meditation, this might be the place to come for answers. 

6. Radio Headspace

The creators of this podcast have an app that is coveted in the meditation world, and their podcast is just as interesting. Covering how to find and live a meaningful life, it has interviews and discussions with all kinds of fascinating people. It offers a broader view of life and meditation than some of the other offerings on this list. 

7. Mindfulness Mode

It is another podcast that does more than just offering a soothing voice and music. It takes meditation as just one part of a life that is calm and focussed. There are interviews with doctors, scientists, and other intelligent people about the many elements of a good life and how to cultivate them in your experience. 

8. Simple Daily Practice

If you want to get inspiration or ideas on mindfulness and good living by looking at the lives of people who have done it well, this is a good podcast to try. The theme of this podcast is transformation through simplicity and mindfulness, and it’s a welcome reminder that sometimes, it’s the small things that make a difference. 

If you like to listen to podcasts, finding one that enhances your meditation practice can both motivate you and give you a deeper understanding of the subject. There are a lot of different meditation podcasts available right now, and the only way to see their efficiency is by trying them; this list is a good place to start. 

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