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4 Ways To Select Winter Workout Clothing

Winter brings about a new set of challenges for yogis who want to take care of their bodies in the cold while still being comfortable during a hot practice. As you enter into the heat-building portion of your practice, bulky sweaters and thick yoga pants can make you uncomfortably hot. However, you don’t want to freeze your muscles in the frigid outdoor air either. 

How can you dress appropriately for the season while still giving yourself room to breathe and move? 

Choose Light Clothing Over Bulky Items

A sweater is not only a great idea, but it’s an unavoidable part of every outfit once winter arrives. Many yogis are tempted to select the thickest and warmest sweaters available. However, a light sweater may be a better fit for yogis who plan to wear it to their daily practice. A light sweater allows you to create some warmth with multiple layers instead of generating the massive insulation that a bulky sweater provides. 

Size Up Your Sweaters

If you live in an unusually cold climate, a light sweater isn’t going to keep you warm throughout the winter. Layering is crucial for selecting workout clothing in the winter months, but it can be difficult to add pieces underneath a tight, form-fitting sweater. Before you make a final purchase for your outerwear, consider purchasing a size larger than usual. It allows you to have more room for tank tops, t-shirts, and long-sleeve tops underneath. 

Find Shoes You Can Wear With Socks 

Yogis are often tempted to wear slip-on shoes year-round because their shoes come off the moment they step onto the mat. Most would agree that exposing their feet to the elements makes them feel even colder than they otherwise would though. Be sure to shop for a pair of shoes that you can take off easily but still allow you to wear a pair of socks underneath them. 

Your shoes can come in many different forms, from looser-fitting slip-on to boots that slide off easily without laces. Because they come off before you step onto your mat, the type of shoe doesn’t matter as much as the convenience of taking it off and putting it back on again after the practice does. 

Invest In Good Yoga Socks

A thin pair of socks is okay during the spring and summer months, but you need a good pair of socks during the winter. Yoga socks, with an excellent grip on the bottom, can help you to keep your feet warm during the practice and throughout the day. Socks with built-in grips allow you to practice safely without having to remove another layer before you can begin. It can help to better regulate your body temperature, especially at the beginning of your practice. 

Similarly, you can also purchase yoga gloves to help keep your hands from slipping and provide an extra degree of warmth. 

Your yoga workout clothing may need to change a little bit as winter arrives, but you can still find plenty of fashionable ways to keep warm.

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