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3 Inversion Yoga Poses that Defy Gravity

It is time for you to overcome your fear and learn to master yoga inversions. All these asanas are fun to do, and they provide plenty of benefits for your health and body. However, learn them with caution to avoid injuries. Below, we have created a list of the best inversion yoga poses that defy gravity.

#1. Feathered Peacock Pose

This asana is also known as the elbow balance. It is a complicated pose in which you must support your entire body on your upper arms, palms, and elbows. Lie on your stomach on a yoga mat while facing a wall. Bend both elbows and align them with your shoulders. Lift your hips up and move your body towards your arms as much as possible. Raise one leg and then kick off the mat. Raise the other leg as well. At first, you can allow your legs to touch the wall with the soles for a better balance and support. You will also feel your lower body being pushed off the floor. Maintain this pose for a couple of seconds. Try not to touch the floor with your head. If holding your legs perpendicular to the mat is too hard for you, then support both feet on the wall while doing your best to keep a straight body. Release the pose following the same steps you used to get into the asana.

#2. Handstand Asana

Use a wall to learn this pose. Start from all fours and press your heels against the wall. Align your body by keeping your shoulders over your elbows and wrists. Also, your knees should be placed right under your hips. Lift up your buttocks to create a semi-dog pose. Now, it is time to lift your legs one at a time. At first, keep both knees bent and straighten your legs only when you feel comfortable and ready. This is an L stand. From here, you can lift one leg towards the ceiling. Then, kick the other leg up as well. Try to maintain your balance in this inverted upright position while your body is perpendicular to the floor. It is best to learn it with the help of a trained yoga expert.

#3. Plow Pose 

Lie down on the mat, on your back. Put your palms right next to your torso on the mat in a resting position. Inhale slowly and activate your abs while lifting both feet off the ground. They should be lifted until they form a 90-degree angle. You can hold your hands on your hips for a better support until you reach with your legs up. Continue lifting them, but now you should also push your legs back over your head until your toes reach the mat above your head. Your tailbone should be as high as possible. Also, don’t cram your chin into your chest. Keep a space between them. Finally, you can extend both arms in the opposite direction of your legs, and clasp the palms together.

(Safely executing an inversion pose requires wearing the right attire. Shop the above look here.)

Bottom Line

These inversion yoga poses are very beneficial for your health and physical strength. They alleviate not only stress but also other conditions such as sinusitis and headaches. Inversion yoga asanas improve your organs’ functions and they increase your spine’s flexibility.

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